Famed Auto Racing Events in the World

Racing has been among the most thrilling and exciting types of sports competition the human eyes have ever witnessed. In case of auto racing, there are different forms of racing that easily attract unique groups of people. And that is what we are going to discuss further in the next paragraphs.

Formula Racing

Probably, this is the most popular and famed type of car racing. It is an open-wheel, single-seater circuit racing in which the car’s wheels are situated outside the body’s structure. The cars are specifically designed and built for this purpose and the races are conducted in different circuit tracks that are built intentionally for formula racing.

Sports car racing

Sports cars are basically 2-seater vehicles with enclosed wheels which come in two types which are:

  1. Grand Tourers (GT) or Production-derived models and;
  2. Prototype or the purpose-built cars made to complete on a closed circuit.

The leading championship series for this event is the FIA World Endurance Championship with FIA GT1 World Championship being the main series for the GT car racing events. In the US, the Grand-Am along with its own Rolex Sports Car Series endurance racing is yet another very popular event.

Stock Car Racing

Mostly popular across the United States, stock car racing is using production vehicles that come with custom specs for racing purposes.

In most cases, it is done in an oval track to which racers are being pushed to their boundaries on serious numbers of laps.

With regards to stock racing, NASCAR or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is the biggest governing body. It is in fact organizing premier racing events that are much awaited by its fans similar to:

  • Daytona 500
  • Sprint Cup Series and;
  • Southern 500

Drag Racing

Among the basic and purest form of auto racing is Drag Racing. Here, competitors are racing on a stretch of road involving a racing stunt known as dragging. The cars participating in such events are also your typical cars but are intentionally built for drag racing and their focus is to accelerate as quickly as possible to beat their opponents. Drag racing is also held on short distance track which is normally in 200 or 400 meters.

Regardless of the auto racing event, it is imperative for racers to train and prepare themselves. One way of getting the job done is actually by constantly using waist trainer UK especially when they are working out to maintain proper form that can be very beneficial as they sit behind the wheels.