The Right Car For You

If you are unhappy with your car, then you made a mistake at the stage of selection.

What parameters should be looked at first of all:

body size and shape;
engine power;
equipment and options;
new or used car;

Formulate the problem: what, with whom, where, when
To make the right choice from the many options, ask yourself what you intend to transport, where, with whom and when to travel.


If you plan on using the car for commuting alone or with one or two passengers, a compact sedan is a very good choice. The smaller the car, the easier it is to find a parking spot and maneuver in a crowd. Children, relatives, things, seedlings in the spring and the grown crop in the fall – that’s what you have to transport and if you’re going on a trip having klikk her for en klivsliper can help.

Engine power

It is enough to compare its value for cars that differ only in the engine – it will  turn out to be almost the same. In a city with its dense and slow traffic, the power of the motor does not matter. Another thing is an empty and high-speed suburban highway. Here the extra horsepower can still be useful for fast and dynamic driving. With regard to fuel consumption, it largely depends on the weight of the car, its technical condition, load and driving style.

Equipment and options

Comfort and extras always cost extra money. Weigh your financial capabilities and think if it will not be excessive for you to pay for power windows, heated mirrors, air conditioning and other not always necessary devices.

The choice of gearbox is subject to the same arguments. The automatic transmission is definitely more convenient. Especially in city traffic jams. If you have an extra amount of money to buy a car with such a box, great. If you don’t have enough money, a car with a manual transmission will drive just as well.

New or used

A two- to three-year-old low-mileage car costs 20-25% less than a new one of the same type. Another advantage of this option is that all possible factory defects have already appeared and eliminated by the first owner. You buy a run-in and proven car. If you want to take possession of a completely new thing and fully enjoy its wonderful smell, you will have to pay for this pleasure.

Another argument in favor of a new car is buying a car for a long time. If you plan to drive your car as long as possible, a new car is more suitable for this purpose than a used one.

Mileage-related costs

These costs are the more, the more often and longer you drive the car. This includes costs for gasoline and lubricants, periodic maintenance and replacement of parts subject to wear: brake pads and discs, tires, wipers, and so on.


A modern car is a very reliable and durable product. But, like any technique, it may require repair from time to time. The more expensive, more complicated and more prestigious a car is, the more you will have to pay for repairs.

Owning a domestic car gives additional opportunities to save money. If you have the necessary tools and skills, it is quite possible to take over many of the maintenance operations. In addition, domestic cars can be easily repaired. While very specific foreign equipment is repaired only in authorized and very expensive service centers.