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Basic Safety Gears Essential For Car Racers

No matter what type of race you are into, you will need to invest in a few safety gears to protect yourself from being harmed or possibly saving you from your own fatality. If you do not have these safety gears in place, then do not race.

It is quite obviouauto-racing-583612_960_720s that you will have to consult with the rules and guidelines of the racing game. It is common sense to protect yourself and thus you are required to invest in these safety products adhering to the standard safety manual of any given game.

What are the basic safety equipment you need to invest on?

Auto Racing Fire Extinguishers

Several racing lines install specially-created auto racing fire extinguishers. These fire extinguishers vary from normal domestic or industrial fire extinguishers because they are specifically made to be utilized in closed conditions (vehicle cockpits, for instance) instead of in the wild air, and/or as the vehicle is going.

Racing Suit, Gloves, Helmet, and Mask

Suits of this type should be fire-resistant and helmets should pass quality standards, being able to withstand heavy blows possible. Face masks (kn-95 masks) should be able to shield the mouth and nose from dust particles.

HANS (Head And Neck Support)

The HANS helps protect your throat in case of a collision by maintaining your upper torso protected all the time. This prevents whiplash as well as the other typical neck injuries that are often due to motor racing situations.

Watch this for more info on HANS car racing protective gear:

Watch this video for other protective gears in car racing:

Special note for women car racers:

While most car racers are men, there are a few women car racers who are passionate about the game. Women auto racers have to be equally protected. In fact, women may need more protection especially in the breast area. Women who have had Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills may want to think again before they go out in real car racing.

Car Racing Helmets Certification For Safety

The Snell Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides certification for helmet safety. They determine if the helmet passes the quality standards of an excellent helmet. The organization launches new benchmarks for each and every five years. The latest guidelines had been made effective on October 1,2015. SA2015 has added more thorough impact tests and a mandatory built-in attachment points intended for HANS device.

If you are wondering where to get SA2015 certified helmets you check out various reviews from ProudReview.com. They have wide product reviews that help readers decide on which products will work for best.

In case you’re a novice racer, on various occassions, you’ll be required to use a helmet that has a SA2015 or SA2010 certificate. (The SCCA says it will give drivers a chance to utilize a SA2005 head protector until January 1, 2017.) A couple of associations require FIA-8860, which requires an external shell made of carbon fiber or an equivalent quality material.

In case you’re simply doing track days in your unmodified road auto, your association may give you a chance to escape with a protective head gear that is certified for motor bikes. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a wise decision since it won’t have been tried for impact in a roll cage. Then again, all SA2015 helmet are useful for bicycle use either because these helmets do not have a sufficiently wide field of vision to get a DOT stamp.

Get a snug and fit helmet

Any helmet will not ensure your safety if it doesn’t fit. The Snell Establishment offers a basic rule: Put the helmet on, make sure that you can view a little of the brim or the top of eyeport whenever it is securely strapped on. At this point attempt to get rid of the helmet without having to loosen the strap. If you possibly could hide your eyesight when trying to remoce the helmet, it is too loose. It is really worth your time and effort to put on the helmet for a few minutes to make sure that you don’t feel any uncomfortable stress points, especially towards your jaw line.

Don’t let the price beat the purpose

Definitely, Snell doesn’t base their safety guidleines to the price of the headgear. Affordable lids from producers like Pyrotect received their SA2015 decals truthfully. Investing more on a headgear provides for a lighter shell, much better inner surface components, incorporated radio headsets, forced airflow, along with a number of other characteristics. A few producers also provide fully customized helmet based on your type of fabrication and head measurement. However remember that putting on an expensive, customized headgear just like a Stilo in your very first track day is kind of the same as getting a monogrammed bag in your first job employment interview.

Get a Replacement Helmet Every 5 Years

The SA2015-certified headgear you purchase these days will probably be approved by your track-day or perhaps racing company for another 10 years. But Snell suggests that you change your headgear each and every five years or right after any considerable impact while using it. That isn’t restricted to striking the wall at Indy. Even though headgear shell is fairly long lasting and may endure any impact, the lining is intentionally built to collapse and also slow the head in case of a crash, a feature that only happen once. So select your headgear very carefully, also keep in mind its supreme goal.