Safety Gear You Might Need for Your Racing Needs


motocrossYou need to have your car racing safety products. Be certain that you check your local speedway’s rules.

If you do not have items that are certain, you won’t be permitted to race. Based upon your car’s speed, you might need ratings of a product or certain products.

Here are some auto racing products you might need:

SFI 3.3 Gloves – Your palms should be protected with the rest of the body. You’ll have to purchase a quality fire resistant pair of gloves. The gloves should be fitted into your palms. Not only do racing gloves protect your hands your grip also improves. Your hands are the first body part if your car catches on fire. Having excellent protection on them is very important.

Pro Sport Suit – racing centers require This lawsuit. Based upon your rate, some places allow you to wear components of the suit. For your own protection, why not wear the thing.

Hans – Keep in mind, you get what you pay for with them. The series delivers the highest quality of product. You will be helped by A Hans . It keeps your torso. Neck problems stop . Having a Hans is addition to your auto.

Support Collar – Another great add for your security is that this support collar. They are still while racing manners and drag strips do not need these. Ensure that you get a collar when purchasing one. The majority of the support collars have been rolled so it won’t conflict with your own helmet.

Premium Fire Extinguisher – Regular household fire extinguishers won’t operate in the auto line. You need something which will have no powder if or no mess it has to be used while driving. The majority of the premium performance extinguisher’s include a mounting bracket and they’re rechargeable. To be qualified for racing that they need to be EPA. EPA approved extinguisher’s will put any sort of fire out .

G-Force Race Shoe – Do not forget about your toes when it comes to flame resistance racing equipment. G-force is the durable and most comfortable racing shoe on the market. Their shoes have fire resistance lining together with grip rubber. The grip rubber will help walking around and when driving.