Top 5 Anime About Cars – An Inpiration to Manga Artists

Anime about cars, the popularity of such animes is so low that most anime newbies don’t even know they exist. And yet they are very much there. In fact, many of these animes are inspirations to manga artists in for their next new manga project. In this post, we are talking about the best animes about cars and car racing.

Top 5 Anime About Cars – Inpiration to Manga Artists

1. Anfangs-D – The most famous anime about car racing

“Initial D” is undoubtedly the best anime about cars and racing. It is by far the greatest car racing anime franchise of all time. It has a total of 5 seasons and a few movies.

It’s an epic story told in multiple parts, with each season bringing some thrilling street races!

The story follows Takumi Fujiwara whose friends are always crazy about car racing. Now he didn’t care at all. Most of it is because, as the son of a tofu shop owner, he had to drive a lot to deliver all the tofu, leading to his not-so-great relationship with cars.

The amazing thing about him, though, is that he drives faster than anyone on descents in a vintage ’86 Trueno Wagen.

However, one evening, the group of well-known street racers, The Red Suns came to their town. Then, Fujiwara was cornered to race with them. This marked the beginning of his life as a street racer.

2. Redline – Best Anime Film With Cars

“Redline” is about as close as the anime medium has ever come to a pure, exhilarating racing experience, one that just gets your adrenaline pumping, your blood pumping, and you wanting to get out, hit the gas, and all to let this speed accumulate.

This anime film is a surreal experience. It has insanely glorious graphics, epic soundtracks, and gets almost everything right!

The story revolves around this exciting race that takes place every five years. It is by far the most anticipated competition and that is the appeal of this race – there are no rules.

I would say if you want to experience the absolute best in anime racing, this anime movie is for you.

3. Capeta – an excellent car racing anime

The main character, Capeta, lost his mom at a fairly young age. Eventually, as an elementary school student, he tried to be independent to relieve his father. Despite the harsh act he puts before his father, Capeta is still a child. and the bullying at school finally bothered him.

Until one day his adorable father takes inspiration from youth go- kart Rennfahrer und beschließt, einen für seinen Sohn zu schaffen.

Capeta sneaks into his father’s workplace to see what he’s up to, only to stumble upon a homemade go-kart, built from discarded parts, with Capeta’s name on it. It has no motor and is a bit worn but still functional.

So he ignores the weather, takes the car with him, and lets it become his new obsession. Gone were the days when he was bored and depressed with life.

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4. Wangan midnight

Well, the anime so far have all been shounen, so let’s spice things up with a His.
This story comes from the actual street races taking place on Tokyo’s Shuto Expressway, which is by far the longest and straightest street in the country. However, it is not made exclusively for racing. There are many heavy trucks and other types of traffic that make street racing on this road quite tedious and risky.

The main character is a third-year high school student who one day competes against a doctor and fails miserably. He vows to be faster and beat this man. So he goes to a junkyard to buy parts for his car when he comes across a shiny and representative car at the junkyard. He wonders why there is such beauty here of all places and then buys her passionately.

What secrets are hidden behind the car? And how will this young man defeat this young doctor in their regular battles for supremacy?

5. Appear Ranman – Anime about cars in 19th century

Compared to all the other animes on this list, Appare Ranman is pretty new considering it only came out last year.

The story revolves around a young engineer named Appare who lived in a small rural town in Japan in the early 19th century.

He can make just about any type of machine, although no one in his town really understands his strange fascination with the invention. In fact, he’s hated for it.

The main character of this anime is logical and tries to figure things out in his head.

Things happen and he ends up in the middle of Los Angeles with his samurai friend. There, Appare decides to take part in the “Trans-America Wild Race”. Well, how will a young Japanese man stack up against all these top racers the world has to offer?