6 Ways to Improve Your PC Racing Sim Experience

Player Playing Racing Sim Game


A head tracker is just one of the key components you’ll have to build a sim racing rig on a PC. You will have already got one amongst these if you’ve played other simulation games or done some streaming. Additionally, a sim racing rig includes a few extra parts that match the vehicle you’re simulating.

Aside from building a great gaming PC system with adequate specs and personalizing it with the best RGB PC cases, racing sim-specific accessories are essential to get that real-world driving experience. Not only will you wish for a sim racing wheel to drive in your auto simulation, but you’ll also need sim racing pedals to induce it to move and a sim racing seat to emulate the sensation of sitting inside the virtual racecar. You’ll find lots of examples on the Reddit iRacing sub or the Simracing subreddit.

1. Sim racing head tracker

Head tracking software may be a big part of experiencing the following level of racing simulation when you’re part of online sim racing leagues through steam. One of the foremost effective uses of head tracking software is to maneuver the in-game camera around supported your head movements, providing a natural feeling for controlling the game’s camera.

This 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) technology is accessible through dedicated hardware like the type that Fanatec, Tobii, or TrackIR provides. Still, those are expensive compared to affordable and infrequently even as effective alternatives like our Eyeware Beam eye tracker and head tracker app available free in beta on the Apple App Store. There’s no expensive computer game headset, VR glasses, or additional video game hardware needed. An iPhone or iPad along with your PC is all you would like.

Eyeware Beam’s head tracking app is free while in beta and might be used on any iPhone or iPad to create your phone a distant head tracking device. Using the TrueDepth selfie cam on your iPhone or iPad, the app makes use of Face ID technology found on Apple’s latest devices to trace your head position and integrates that with 200+ compatible OpenTrack games.

In addition, the top tracking runs entirely on the iOS device, so you won’t worry about wasting your CPU/GPU resources on your computer. Not wanting to buy extra equipment is particularly important if you stream your gameplay, as ensuring your CPU/GPU isn’t strained is important for providing a good-looking and non-laggy stream for your viewers.

2. Sim racing pedals

If there’s anything you’ll play sim racing games like DiRT and also the Test Drive Unlimited series, it’s the power to induce your car to move! Whether you would like a more realistic racing experience or hope to urge better lap times, racing pedals are vital for any sim racing rig. They’re capable of giving a more tactile, realistic expertise than you may get by using the acceleration button on any controller or keyboard.

Racing pedals have a good price range, but you’ll generally be watching three digits unless you select a really budget-minded set. You’ll find many options on the subsequent Level Racing store, Ricmotech, and lots more examples listed on Box This Lap.


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3. Sim racing wheel for your rig

Being able to maneuver a car back and forwards is important, but it’s almost as important as having the ability to steer it! If you’ve been to an arcade, you may have seen how the racing games make use of controllers designed to resemble steering wheels, and you’ll use these controllers to both steer your car and navigate through menus. Good examples are ones from GTR Simulator or Ascher Racing and the FSW Series 2.

Nowadays, there are many handwheel controllers that you simply can use with PC racing games, like Assetto Corsa Competizione and ToCA automobile driver 2. Additionally to the fundamental wheel, these controllers include various buttons for efficiently controlling other aspects of your game. As for the value, these too have a good price range and may go from some hundred dollars to almost $1,800.

4. Sim racing seat

You could use your usual desk chair when playing a sim racing game, but why do this when there are gaming chair options out which will provide a superior racing experience? There are simulator racing gaming chairs out there designed to be like real racing car chairs, and no sim racing rig is complete without one to form you’re feeling like you’re within the driver’s seat.

Just like with racing pedals and wheel controllers, a wonderful racing seat may cost you a minimum of three figures, and therefore the exact price varies wildly reckoning on the standard and brand. Trak Racer seats, Playseats, and also GT Omega are what some options include.

5. Buying a pre-built sim racing rig

If you’re entering into sim racing and find someone willing to sell one, you may find it an honest idea to buy a ready-built sim racing rig. We advise you to discover a rig made by Simetik or from FSIM if possible. A pre-built sum comes with all the parts you wish and is more or less able to use once you expire. From there, you’ll be able to get accustomed to working with a sim racing rig, make changes to the setup, and learn what type of build works best for you.

Understanding the technical details of a sim racing cockpit setup and the way it works as an entire is less complicated than buying your sim racing gear and mods individually. As for price, you’ll expect sim racing cockpits to range from about $450 to the upper hundreds, with some sim rigs costing over cardinal dollars.