The Immense Popularity of Car Racing Events

If you go to the US, one that you would notice is that Americans have almost built a cult following on their sports traditions. Overseas, the same can be said but their passion for sport is of course different. In fact, among the most loved sports by Americans is car racing.

So much appreciation and attention they have for this sport that they have created different categories for this event.


In this type of racing event, it is encompassing highest profile motorsport series in the globe which includes IndyCar and Formula One or F1. Open-wheel racing do feature cars that have exposed wheels. Even though the cars competing in IndyCar and F1 look the same at first glance, they’re following different rules and regulations and competing on different tracks.

Few of the distinctive differences between IndyCar and F1 include the following:

  • Fuel – IndyCar uses ethanol while F1 uses high octane
  • Budget – the annual budget for an F1 team can go north of 500 million dollars while for IndyCar, 20 million dollars is the max
  • Brakes – F1 cars have superior braking power
  • Aerodynamics – F1 produces more downforce than IndyCars
  • Speed – IndyCars do run on longer straights and thus, have higher speeds
  • Location – IndyCars is US-based while F1 is a global car racing event

Sports Car

Sports car racing basically is the next big thing in car racing events worldwide. The races last between 150 minutes to 24 hours in both dreadful and fair weather conditions. Audience are watching from a safe location and also protected from the weather with the installation of metal roofing Connecticut above them.

In a sports car racing, some of the popular competitions do include 24 hours at Daytona, 24 Hours of Le Mans as well as 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

These 24 hour races are putting the driver’s skill, car’s durability, ingenuity of engineers and speed of pit crews. In these types of racing, being fast is not enough as it is a total teamwork to win the race.

Touring Car

This racing on the other hand is based on road cars that are heavily modified and very popular in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and United Kingdom.