How Race Car Drivers Stay Cool On The Race Track

The summer heat and in places where the climate is often warm or hot could be completely and extremely uncomfortable and even distressing. Although there are various solutions to cool the air, looking for something that will constantly match you and your family’s needs could be a challenge.

Air Coolers – Why Are They The Best Option

At present, air conditioners, electric fans as well air coolers are the primary air-cooling solutions. While they have the same purpose, they come in various forms and undergo various processes. Ultimately, air coolers, such as those on, have become the preference of many because of the various advantages they carry as compared to other forms of cooling systems. Below are the major advantages:

  • AFFORDABLE. Air coolers are relatively cheaper than other cooling systems. Moreover, they consume much less energy so this won’t reflect so much on your energy bill. This therefore makes them a cost-effective choice.
  • PORTABLE. If you reside in a place that don’t allow window/wall air conditioners or coolers, an ideal solution to this would be a portable air cooler as they don’t stick out from your window or wall. In fact, they don’t even need to be installed or mounted. All you have to do is to plug it in the space or room you would want to cool.
  • CONVENIENT. As air coolers are portable and come in different sizes, an air cooler is the best choice especially when you have travel trailers, pop-up campers or other recreational vehicles. Portable air coolers could be very useful in such types of vehicles to cool the air inside when it gets too hot.

These are only a few of the many advantages of air coolers, if you would want to know more, consider visiting

How Race Car Drives Survive The Heat Without AC in their Race Car

While air coolers are great for indoors and some type of vehicles, there are other ways to cool down. This is especially true for race car drivers who need to make themselves physically cool for them to avoid heat exhaustion on the race course. The measure temperatures in race cars could reach up to 130° especially on race events that take place prior and during the summer.

Drivers need to stay cool as race cars aren’t equipped with any air conditioning or cooling units as it adds to the weight of the car slowing down its racing performance. So how do they keep themselves cool? Below are some:

  • Race care drivers frequently have a ventilation system that is incorporated into their protective gears as well as in their hoses which blow air at their feet and on the seat.
  • Some race car helmets come with some kind of attachment so the driver could plug in the hose for the drive to get cool air.
  • Several drivers make use of foot shields that are resistant to heat and burns to prevent their shoes as well as their flesh from burning and melting in boiling-point conditions.

Watch the video below to find out more on how race car drivers survive the heat without AC units.