Formula 1 App, The Official And Unofficial

With a Formula 1 app, you are always informed about all events on and next to the race track. It provides you with news, live tickers, route information, videos, and much more. We show you the three best free Formula 1 apps for Android and iOS in the test.

To get the most out of these Formula 1 apps, you would need to have a good mobile internet connection. You may want to check out mobilabonnement and compare mobile subscriptions.

 Formula News – The Unofficial

Formula News is an Android app that provides you with news and reports as well as gossip from the Formula 1 world around the clock. The application shows you articles from various online motorsport portals, such as GPToday, Pitpass, and Skysports, so that you are guaranteed to always keep an eye on all events. If you register with an account, you can also rate and bookmark articles, chat with the Formula News community and earn so-called badges for certain reading goals.

Formula News is available free of charge in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the Formula 1 app is not ad-free, so you will be disturbed by badly placed banners when reading. The application is also only suitable for readers who speak the English language since it cannot be switched to other languages, only English articles appear in the feed. If you like reading news and reports about Formula 1, it is still worth trying out Formula News.

Official F1 – The Official

Official F1 is – as the name suggests – the official Formula 1 app. Once installed on your smartphone, it provides you with news and videos about your favorite motorsport around the clock. The standings also contain detailed statistics on all teams and drivers. Under Racing, you will find information about the current Grand Prix. If no race is running, you can see the summary of the last one and a preview of the next one.

Official F1 is free for Android and iOS. The Formula 1 app contains advertising, which is rarely seen and is also well placed. Unfortunately, there is no way to switch the content to any language, so you need a good knowledge of English to understand the articles and the information. Also interesting is the link to the official F1 TV app, with which you can stream all races live for a fee.