Three Top Tips To Get Better In Racing

A car racing enthusiast always finds ways to become better in his race. If you are getting left behind in every race, there could be something wrong. Something that you have overlooked. They said practice makes perfect but with a little bit of analytics, you will get in line with the game.

A good example in learningĀ is how a novice golfer learns. He observes and picks the best tips available like getting the best golf driver for beginners, learning the right stance for each putters and drivers, they practice with what they learn, and get better.

Car racing is a passion and the passionate usually wins the race.

Observe How Real Car Racers Do It in Crazy Street Racing

See how the best do it and learn from it

1. Learn the racing lines. Short cuts are not the way to go. Pick up your pace by some tweaks in your strategy. Take time out to observe how professional racers do it, pick out good hints on how they prepare set up and engage.

2. Don’t hurry. At the first lap of the race, take your time. Pushing yourself on the first lap is a waste of time and tire energy. Save your tire for the final lap.

3. Tire temperatures should be a green thing. Sometimes your car losses its grip during the race. Why?

  • Check on your tire temperature, make sure that it’s in the green zone. Green means not too cold, not too hot. Just the right temperature to get the right grip.
  • When you are in the blue zone, that’s too cold for you. Too cold means you lose a good grip as well as better performance.
  • The red zone means your tire could overheat. That’s bad because like the cold zone, you lose the right grip and lose a good performance. The red zone could even cause your tires to blow up.

As you learn and practice what you learn, you get better in your race. Learn from the experts. Besides, they have learned from those who came before them too.