How do you clean your sports car & SUV

First of all, it is, of course, you have an option to hand wash the car rentals yourself. But that takes time but the result is good quality cleaning. Hand washing is better for the car and prevents scratches on the vehicle.

Wash sports cars yourself

Since we only consider one (gentle) washing system for the reprocessing of our cars due to time constraints, we wanted to solve the problems before and after the washing cycle. For example, it concerns the rims, which usually remain dirty, or the interior for which vacuuming alone is not enough.

And in the long term, scratches should be avoided, which are caused by even the gentlest washing brushes. The solution was just fantastic at the same time.

In the meantime, we spray the rims with a rim cleaner just before the car wash. The result is loosened brake dust and dirt and thus always clean rims after washing the vehicle. For the interior, we take the microfiber cloth and an interior cleaner after vacuuming (read hardwood floor vacuum reviews) and use it to clean door frames, fittings and other areas that are susceptible to stains or fingerprints. The interior cleaner can be used as an all-rounder without problems and universally for all surfaces in the interior of the rental car.

Because of course we have to save time and cannot use countless car care products for different materials in the interior of sports cars. Often, behind the supposedly differentiated care products, there are also identical areas of application under different names.

So we need significantly less time for the entire preparation of a rental car and the car still shines in new splendor every time! To make the car paint more resistant to scratches, we seal the Porsche rental cars with a ceramic coating. This way, the varnish remains better protected from scratches, but especially the future care will be made easier in some cases for years.