Go Rhyhorn Racing with Pokemon Rhyhorn Racer!

chase08Car racing is a long time fad from then and now. Generations has passed and racing has perhaps become part of the American culture. With no surprise, even animae characters incorporate racing in their episodes, such as the Pokemon Rhyhorn Race.

If you are new to Pokemon adventures, you’ll find the animae series vivid with great characters that children loves. XY series’ 7th episode – The Charging Sihorn race is perhaps among the episodes of Pokemon that clearly details racing – animae style.

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Here is a quick plot to the episode.

The story begins when Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie persuade Serena to come with them on their journey! Serena returns a handkerchief to Ash that he has lent to her many years past. Ash finally remembers that Serena is the girl in a strawhat. At that moment, they were disturbed by a rumbling sound. It turns out that the road where they were is a race track for the Rhyhorn race.

Ash realizes he doesn’t understand the very first thing about Rhyhorn racing— the simple act of getting on a Rhyhorn’s back is actually even difficult for him. Serena’s mother was into Rhyhorn racing which explains why Serena is very good at this. Serena later on reveals him the rules. She actually gives Ash her mom’s wisdom on riding Rhyhorns. Become part of the Rhyhorn – these words seem to help Ash get a grip of the Rhyhorn racing.

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