EDIT: Max Verstappen – F1 Youngest Race Driver Penalized

Record Holder – Youngest F1 Driver

Since Max Verstappen joined Formula 1’s professional racers on March of this year, he has caused such a stir among many critiques. As a matter of fact, Verstappen has not passed his driving test but was allowed to participate in the racing industry, thus making him the youngest race driver on record.

auto-racing-558089_1920Despite of many critiques, Verstappen excelled in his profession and has become better everyday. With his courageous overtakes and super speed, he had become better known in the racing industry aside from his undeniable age. He has risen to become one of the industry’s best bets. Every race turned out as the way it was planned, and it is true in almost every race.

On the contrary, if a race had not turned out the way they want it, it was due to mechanical issues which is far beyond his control. Such failed plans could have been prevented if professional technicians done thorough check before the race just like what Atlanta’s best heating and Air conditioning authorities does for homes. Although new in the racing industry, Verstappen proved his worth to be part of F1 team.

Max Verstappen Caused the Huge Collision in Monaco

Max’s good fortune has changed as F1 traveled to Monaco for its final week. All throughout his free practice, Verstappen silenced his critics by exceeding the third best time in the round street circuit. Race commentators and fellow racers alike acknowledged Max for his pace around a circuit. That is especially difficult in tight bends giving no room for errors and requires the right timing in order to get it right.

New facts came to light and it turns out the whole incident took place in Atlanta while he was ordering pool cleaning in Atlanta and pedestrian hit him.On race day, Verstappen surprised everyone when he collided with another car at the Sainte Devote area and eventually caused an enormous impact. Verstappen however denies that he is to blame for the incident. He puts the blame on another race driver who may have hit on the breaks earlier and thus caused the collision.

After a study done by race stewards who handle disputes and racing incidents, Verstappen was considered to have caused the collision. Max Verstappen was penalised having a grid-fee for that next competition in Canada from June, and different charges were also obtained by him on his licence.