BMW Is Looking To Develop Hydrogen Electric Cars For Racing

While people are still eyeing on simple everyday DIY works using detailed instructions like Farm Sheds Tasmania, technology is still on the rise presenting our society with various innovative products from food, gadgets, and vehicles. And while bigger companies are building more sophisticated products, they are likewise using technology to protect the environment. That is what BMW has in store for us while looking into the possibility of building hydrogen electric cars.

Motorsport has reported that BMW is likewise thinking about developing a hydro-electric model racecar that will compete the Le Mans’24 Hours. The thought of an electric model racer is not a new idea, although, with a large producer like BMW supporting it, the extremely driven thought appears a lot more achievable. Some other recommendations would depend on battery packs and battery swaps that are energy dense to be able to compete for 24 hours. A hydrogen LMP can refuel just like a normal race car without having to burn non-renewable fuels.

“It would be a technology to consider for a race application in endurance racing and it is something we could look at in the future from a prototype point of view,” — Jens Marquardt BMW Motorsport

Marquardt additionally mentioned BMW are discussing with the FIA and ACO, the authorizing figures for Le Mans’ 24 Hours, seeking to put the research for a hydro-electric admittance sometime soon. This kind of entry may likely get the Garage 56 admittance in the competition – a slot restricted to fresh or extremely revolutionary racecars.

BMW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Concept based on BMW i8

BMW has in fact shown to be silently thinking about fuel cells. They have created several hydrogen-powered traveler car representative models and 2015 revealed the i8 Hydro Fuel Cell. It could possibly speed up from 0 to 60 mph in just six secs prior to leading out to 124 mph. Honestly, that is definitely not a contest-car efficient performance, however, the idea is simply an example showing how really serious BMW is all about hydrogen.

“We’re cautiously confident that BMW will introduce a hydrogen-powered LMP sooner or later, seeing as the company has the ACO on its side. ” — Motorsport, Pierre Fillon, president of the sanctioning body

BMW says it just desires to compete making use of hydrogen if it has a related solution to market right after the competition program roll-outs. This means the German business is interested in presenting a hydrogen-electric street car. This will be categorized in its sub-brand for earth-friendly automobiles. However, we need to find out if the racing plan will be successful.