Automobile Advertisement

Advertising on automobiles has come into existence because of the limitations of Billboard advertising. Billboards are static and expensive. That if they stop or pause due to traffic jams or traffic signals.

So, the target customers in the event of billboard advertising are limited.

Billboard advertising is also expensive. The cost of a single billboard advertising located at a busy road generally runs into lacs of rupees per month. So, this medium can not be opted for by companies with small or limited advertising budgets. Corporates can afford this. Also print media and digital media, target people that are sitting are indoor i.e those in homes or offices. There is absolutely no specific media for people that are mobile and outside or commuting. I.e. who are on the move through the busy roads.

Social Media is also another option for smaller businesses. They can opt to do facebook ads on facebook, or even Buy likes on Instagram to up their posts.

Advertising on automobiles bridges this gap in the marketing mix. It targets the complete outdoor market, i.e. people who are on move, walking or driving or traveling in cars or buses or trains. It is influential and very cost effective in comparison to billboard advertising.

These cars move around the city taking your brand message to your target clients all around the city. These cars move through the roads and pass through your target locations letting you target customers geographically. Cars that drive through your target locations can be selected by you.

Advertising on cars takes your brand to millions of your clients in the city generating brand awareness.

It generates millions of impressions all over the city on your customer’s minds, thereby increasing your brand equity. It keeps your phone ringing and getting you new and repeat clients. It increases your sales and your profits .

When you advertise on a moving vehicle like a car, it catches the eye of people it moves through, whether they’re pedestrians or people waiting on roads or people watching in their offices or buildings or people driving on the streets or those commuting by various different modes like motor bikes, autos, cars, train or bus etc..

Advertising on automobiles is more successful during peak hours in a day i.e.. When there is huge traffic on the roads and vehicles going at a snails pace and during traffic jams.