Turkey racing history

This event happened on 21st of August way back 2005 for that first-time. This signal is renowned because it was exposed because it may be the next counterclockwise circuit. The Istanbul Park circuit of Istanbul, Turkey has 5.378 kilometre track built by German racing driver, civil engineer Herman Tilke. The technical staff continues to focus on the RA107, ensuring the vehicles have been in the very best form for your event.

Suhuhei Makamoto, technical representative said they have been operating real hard-on the factory-based around the Hungarian Grand Prix expertise to be able to avoid any type of technician issues, the team was unhappy of the outcomes in the Hungarian prix, and they wish to prevent to help make the same errors, and so the last three months of split were extremely active for that Honda team.

The Istanbul Park circuit is among the exiting tracks on the planet, it uses the curves of the property, which drops and falls as well as the fact that’s anti-clock-wise makes the competition leaving and even more complicated. The framework of the monitor makes it surely difficult for the long straits, that individuals, large hairpins and stockings ten turns makes the course really intense. Ruben Barrichello F1 drivers and Jenson Button are full to competition in this tough course, and excitement of high expectations.

Held racing event at Istanbul Park Circuit .
2005 – Formula One season 59th
2006 to 2008 – Formula One season 60th
2009 – Formula One season 63th
2010 – Formula One season 64th
2011 – Formula One season 65th
2018 – On going negotiation

The racing event is not only place for celebrities, famous drivers, high end & fastest, expensive cars or the host country, Also racing event is a place for the car companies and businesses to sponsor and promote their businesses such us advertising, banners, souvenir as well as giving High Quality Business Cards. For the racing enthusiast Istanbul Park circuit is set to come back next year. Planning and negotiation was on going with FIA representative’s and Turkish government including private companies.