Motorsports Protective Clothing

If you are into motorsports, there are dress codes that you will have to follow. The dress code, , possibly created by United Kingdom fabrics, is not just something picked out at random but a dress code strictly chosen by the regulatory board for protective and safety measures.

No matter what type of racing you take interest in, it is always important to protect yourself first. This assures that risk is reduced and lives are saved.  So what type of clothing does riders and bikers use?

For most racers, flexible and not to loose clothing should be recommended. Watch the video below to have a clear picture of the type of clothing a racer should have.

What are these clothing used by riders and car racers?

Let’s face it. One of the most dangerous sports is motorsports. The risk is high to accidents such as explosion and burning. But if the racer is protected with the right clothing, lives of many talented racers can be saved.

What are the protective gears bikers and motor racers would need?

  • Helmet. Keep it on while racing on your bike or racing your car. Once you have a helmet, you definitely would need goggles to protect the eyes.
  • Body protection. Full body armour that protects your body from potential harm.
  • Gloves. You will need gloves for hand protection.
  • Jersey and pants. Get something that is flexible which can stretch and give you heat protection.
  • Knee protection. Get knee guards and braces that can protect knees from twisting. A good high socks that can cover the gear can help the knee guard stay in place.
  • Proper boots for dirt bike. You will need boots. As important as the helmet, having proper boots while dirt biking and or racing can provide a lot of protection to the feet.

These protective gears are essential to keep the rider protected. Don’t go for something cheap but go for quality gears that can really serve its purpose.