Getting The Feel Of A Motorsport Racer

Wow! I never thought that it would happen. I finally got the feel of being the racer behind the wheel of a Ford GT supercar. I had a helmet and a neck brace. I fastened my seatbelt and looked at the racetrack in front of me. And just at the sight of it, my heart started pounding as if I was in a real race.

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The GT I drove that day was a racing class, a road version of the car that won the 2016 French Le Mans 24 Hour Championship. Ford’s victory was the culmination of this epic endeavor to achieve another legendary victory in 1966. I like fast cars but I’m not a racer (fear is obviously the reason). Pro drivers are also scared, but they are completely different from beginners like me.

This very rare GT (only a few had been manufactured for this year) is built to beat Le Mans. The newest model is run by a 647 hp full-power engine found between the back wheel and the driver. The “mid-mounted engine” layout offers the best balance and handling. The top speed reached 216 miles per hour. And all these strong ones are wrapped in an impressive aesthetic.

When Ford launched the GT in Detroit in 2015, many were in awe. It was the same amazement when the car that hit the streets in 2016 was launched. It featured sharp and aggressive lines, a low roof, and a pair of slave engines. The chamber is like aerodynamic flight in the shape of a sweeping arc that supports the wings.

Professional drivers who have started with go-karts and eventually driven their way to a recent large racing series is quite scary as it is. The cars are engineered to exist for the edge but even so, the sportscar still needs a skilled driver to maneuver correctly. Salutes to professional race drivers who get past their fears. I cannot compare to any of them despite the fact that I love speeding cars.