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what is Ferarri?
Unlike other carmakers, founder Enzo Ferrari was founded to run his own racing activities ( Scuderia Ferrari) and has participated in the F1 World Championship since 1950 from the first year to the present.

In addition, a variety of name car manufacture, the automobile of history into legend has built. This is also the race capital funds in order to obtain the race for the vehicle the load car which has been re-tuned for. But race success in the Ferrari brand image to improve, but there was expensive, the world in the Celebrity in love came to be for.

A recommended books for Ferarri fans

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Inside SCG003
There was a privateer who challenged with a completely original machine in the 24-hour race at the world’s toughest Nürburgring circuit. The owner’s slogan is “Let’s Rock N Roll!” The adventures from scratch are passionate, and obstacles can be overcome while having fun. This book is a collection of photographic materials that vividly spells out the development of the race machine SCG003 and the participation in the race by the team owner Jim Glickenhaus and the staff with a documentary touch. Having a relationship with NART founder Luigi Chinetti as a boy, the collection of prototype race cars, which he started longing for after his success as a movie director, led to the production of Ferrari one-off cars in a ridiculous way, and also challenged the race. Connect. The result was the lack of power of the chassis for public roads, and inevitably, we started to make a completely original machine. This 500-page book, which has been closely covered for a long time since the beginning of the adventure, is a remarkable masterpiece of a racebook that depicts people who are planning to participate in the hypercar series and produce road cars.

Emotion Ferrari Tome2 –GT Sport et Prototypes 1949-1972
10 years from the previous work, the second one with full satisfaction! From the 1940s to 2000, the second edition of the Ferrari edition of Maurice Ruche’s race car photobook series, which holds over 1 million motorsport photographs alone. In this book, we used endurance races and public roads throughout Europe from 1949, when Ferrari was just established, to 1972, when the world championships were wiped out, such as the 166MM, 250TR, 250GTO, 330P, Daytona and 512S / M. Includes a total of 510 small event photos. Most of the photographs were taken in black and white at that time, and the color photographs are only 35 pages, but the latter half of the photographs are summarized from 1959, and the explanations are only the competition name, shooting date and time, machine name and driver name. However, it has a simple structure that allows you to concentrate on your photos. The abundant first-appearing photographs by the author and copyright-controlled photographers will mark the golden age of gorgeous sports car racing and will be a great book to enjoy the racing atmosphere of the time. 1960 management to cost crisis, but fell in the same Italy of Fiat is the acquisition, Enzo race devoted to the activity, the city sales car division Fiat are organized under the automobile manufacturers became ish.