Car Racing: Why Are Inspections Vital?

Many drivers do not know the difference between a main inspection and an inspection. This can mean that you do not bring your car to the workshop for an inspection because it feels like you are not sure what the benefits of an inspection are.

However, the main inspection and the inspection have nothing to do with each other. The general inspection only serves to determine whether your car is roadworthy. It is required by law and mandatory if you want to participate in road traffic. During the inspection, on the other hand, work is carried out that is intended to extend the life of your car and prevent defects. Even if the inspection is usually not exactly cheap, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Missing or poor maintenance can lead to increased fuel consumption, loss of performance or even damage to the engine. The prices for the necessary inspections vary significantly depending on whether a major inspection or a minor inspection is due.

Receive workshop offers

Some of the work performed during an inspection is considered unnecessary by some car racers. Certainly there are some points on the checklist that you can easily check yourself at home without having to pay a workshop but they are important. Examples of such work are checking the tire pressure or topping up the windscreen washer system.

If you take care of these things yourself in advance, you can save money when you visit the workshop. Of course, you must inform the mechanic about this. However, most maintenance work should be done by a professional. He has the necessary tools and sufficient experience to carry out all inspection work in accordance with the regulations.


What is a “full service history” car?

One can only speak of a vehicle with a checkbook if all the inspections and maintenance work recommended by the manufacturer have been carried out and are completely logged in the vehicle’s checkbook. It is not possible to give a general answer as to how often an inspection is required and what maintenance work must be carried out, as these requirements differ from car to car depending on the make and model.

In addition, the mileage and the useful life of the vehicle are also decisive. If you are planning to sell your car in the near future, it pays to have a full service history and have ulez check for your car. This increases the market value compared to vehicles in a similar condition without a full service history.