Car racing and motorsport: Tips for beginners

Winning the world championship in car racing or motorsport will always be a dream for most active people in motorsport. But if you approach the matter with realistic goals, a sporting spirit, and the necessary will, you can find motorsport at all levels and at all ages and celebrate your own successes. On the other hand, you might need help with accounting homework and also with buying a new race car.

Practice early: even the smallest ones step on the gas

If your daughter or son dreams of becoming a superb racing driver one day, it does not have to be impossible. Many motorsport clubs run youth kart teams that pave the earliest possible way into motorsport. In other disciplines, it starts later. But there are always two good tips: Either get in contact with a club near you that has active players, events, or even teams in the respective motorsport discipline. Or you can visit an event and talk to teams. Especially in popular sports, those interested in the paddock will always find good partners for “petrol talks”.

One thing is important especially with young people, the entry into motorsport should not only be accompanied by their parents but also by knowledgeable supervisors preferably by trained trainers.

Get in your own car

Do you have a sporty vehicle or a classic car that could be ideally suited for motorsport competition? Or have you always dreamed of preparing “your” vehicle and then moving it yourself in competition? No problem! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get into motorsport.

Is there a racing school?

You can usually achieve the license levels in motorsport without any course. Successful participation in a certain number of events of the lower license level and a medical certificate of fitness to race is usually sufficient to apply for the license. In addition, there is also the option of acquiring the license in a systematic course. Depending on the provider, you can complete it in your own car or in a vehicle provided. As a rule, racetracks are used, but in some cases, specially marked courses are also used.

Find your motorsport club

Even if motorsport is always about individual performance: the vast majority of drivers and co-drivers are members of one of the more motorsport clubs. In every club, newcomers are very welcome.