Car Racing and DB Drag Racing Competition

There are many kinds of car used in sport car racing. There are two categories of car racing , Sport Prototypes and Grand Touring (GT) but these categories are often mixed together in a single race , such as 24 hours of Le Mans. But have you heard of another type of competition that involves car racing? 

The notable racing series “World championships” is FIA World Endurance Championship, World Sports car Championship, FIA GT1 World Championship and Porsche Super cup. These major series are coming up with more gimmicks to entice viewers and supporters. Thus more car racers are gearing up to speed up their cars for the next championships.

In modern car racing , sports cars are customized with high end performance engines, the best bluetooth car stereo systems and rims. However, do you know that fully equipped sports car do not just compete in car racing? Yes, they also compete in bass race car audio competitions. Let’s look further into what this category in car racing is.

What is a bass race car audio competition?

Bass race car audio competition is also known as DB drag racing competition. This rewards the sports car that has the loudest audio. Sport cars racing is almost regarded as Grand Prix competition with other major types of cars. However, in db drag racing, it features most companies that offers the very best car audio systems.

Countries that participate in bass race car audio competition

There are countries where car racing championships are being held. The same countries host the db drag race competition. These countries include America, Japan and Europe. These 3 countries are the biggest  producer of  racing car and db drag racing for the championships and take note that these countries compete for the win.

The effort and technology invested into these sports cars are amazing. It’s value becomes higher and perhaps its winning chance becomes huge.  While sports car racing is already an expensive and a dangerous sport, more and more men and women are passionate about the sport.

Online betting on car racing and db drag racing are just two proofs that suggests that many people are engaged into the sports, regardless if they are just a supporter, a sponsor, or just there to enjoy the sports racing event.