Bracket Racing Tips and Tricks


shiftBracket racing is slightly different from tradition drag racing. Being the fastest or the slowest doesn’t mean that you will win or lose, although sure you use the track and the start and finish line. It is all about what racers call “racing the clock”.

You put that you believe that your vehicle will run and you run without moving any, closes. The racer who crosses the finish line first without beating her or his own time or skipping the light (red light foul) wins the race.

Here are things you will need to know prior to going on to the winner circle:


It’s never about how fast you go when you’re bracket racing. In actuality, the race can be won by the vehicle in the area. Everyone will have difficulty beating on you if you can run the time or near it every race.


Based on how fast your car or truck is, depends on the sort of safety features the race track will force you to use – helmet, roll cage, safety harnesses, kill switch, etc..

Reaction Time

When you line up at the starting line and you’re set and ready for the green light, the earlier you respond to the light the better your chances are of winning the race. It is a skill that is tricky, but it’s a lot to do with that crosses the finish line.

Never Red Light

The best lighting you can get in the starting line will provide you a better probability of winning, but if you leave only.0001 of moment to early you may activate a red light and will be disqualified before you even begin the race.

Never Breakout

Once you establish a dial-in (what you think your car will run) if you go faster than that time you’ll be disqualified, no questions asked.

Consistent Burnout

If you noticed drag racing before, you know that burnouts are a fantastic way to get traction during takeoff, but you also need to be consistent here. Whether you do a burnout that is little or you do a smoking burnout, it’s extremely important that you repeat this procedure the time up to guarantee the same amount of traction is accomplished, if not your consistency could be jeopardized.

Pedal the Throttle

There’s absolutely not any shame in letting up on the throttle a little as you approach the finish line to be sure you don’t breakout. If you notice things will remain that way, ease off the throttle a bit to ensure and you’re ahead of your competitor that you don’t go faster than your posted moment.

Automatic Transmission

If you’re really serious about winning at mount racing, an automatic transmission is a far more consistent option – you do not need to worry about short shifts, long shifts or missing a gear – automatic transmissions change at precisely the exact same time no matter what.

Obey the Rules

All track officials have the capacity to get you pumped out for the day with no refund. If they ask you point you in a specific direction or to do something wave and follow instructions. Their safety on the grounds daily, bear in mind.

Pay Attention

Off and on the racetrack, particularly on busy days, cars and people are moving in many different directions at the same time for different reasons with various destinations, it can be very hectic sometimes.

The important thing would be to have fun driving safelywhile . Sure winning is amazing, but itself in the monitor can be fun for adults and children of all ages,