Basic Safety Gears Essential For Car Racers

No matter what type of race you are into, you will need to invest in a few safety gears to protect yourself from being harmed or possibly saving you from your own fatality. If you do not have these safety gears in place, then do not race.

It is quite obviouauto-racing-583612_960_720s that you will have to consult with the rules and guidelines of the racing game. It is common sense to protect yourself and thus you are required to invest in these safety products adhering to the standard safety manual of any given game.

What are the basic safety equipment you need to invest on?

Auto Racing Fire Extinguishers

Several racing lines install specially-created auto racing fire extinguishers. These fire extinguishers vary from normal domestic or industrial fire extinguishers because they are specifically made to be utilized in closed conditions (vehicle cockpits, for instance) instead of in the wild air, and/or as the vehicle is going.

Racing Suit, Gloves, Helmet, and Mask

Suits of this type should be fire-resistant and helmets should pass quality standards, being able to withstand heavy blows possible. Face masks (kn-95 masks) should be able to shield the mouth and nose from dust particles.

HANS (Head And Neck Support)

The HANS helps protect your throat in case of a collision by maintaining your upper torso protected all the time. This prevents whiplash as well as the other typical neck injuries that are often due to motor racing situations.

Watch this for more info on HANS car racing protective gear:

Watch this video for other protective gears in car racing:

Special note for women car racers:

While most car racers are men, there are a few women car racers who are passionate about the game. Women auto racers have to be equally protected. In fact, women may need more protection especially in the breast area. Women who have had Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills may want to think again before they go out in real car racing.