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Celebrate The New Year With New Year Camping And Go Kart Racing

We often celebrate the New Year partying until everything and everyone begin to feel pretty exhausted that we spend the next day recovering from the restless night of partying. While partying is fun and exciting, there are other things you could engage in that would provide you and your loved ones a more memorable experience.

Going Camping To Celebrate The New Year

New year camping, although simple, is a less expensive, private and quiet activity that you and your family and/or friends could engage in to welcome and celebrate the New Year. To make your new year camping more memorable, it is imperative that you plan and prepare everything that you might need. As the saying goes, “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

Apart from increasing your social time with your family and/or friends and deepening your relationship with them, camping also provides other benefits. Below are some:

  • You improve your quality of sleep
  • You reset your body clock
  • You get more physical activities
  • You reduce your level of stress

Go Karting With Your Family and/or Friends

After a stress relieving camping trip in the great outdoors, there are other activities for you to continue celebrating the New Year which you could also add to your New Year’s bucket list. Go Kart racing is one. Similar to camping, go karting has its many benefits as well. Let’s check them out:

  • It’s Fun and Exciting. Go karting could be challenging yet really fun and exciting. This is an activity that the whole family could enjoy.
  • Relieve Stress. As the activity is really enjoyable, this promotes the release of happy hormones and decreases your level of stress.
  • Improve Reflexes. Go kart tracks could be tricky. One minute your racing at straight track and then suddenly then suddenly there are twists and turns. Hence, you need to have a good control of your kart. You not only test your skills but also better your reflexes.
  • Boosts Confidence. When you are able to learn to maneuver a go kart (and win), this could be an immense confidence booster, wherein it could give you a more positive outlook as well as a sense of accomplishment. Because of this confidence boost, you may be inspired to handle and manage other challenges that comes your way.

How Race Car Drivers Stay Cool On The Race Track

The summer heat and in places where the climate is often warm or hot could be completely and extremely uncomfortable and even distressing. Although there are various solutions to cool the air, looking for something that will constantly match you and your family’s needs could be a challenge.

Air Coolers – Why Are They The Best Option

At present, air conditioners, electric fans as well air coolers are the primary air-cooling solutions. While they have the same purpose, they come in various forms and undergo various processes. Ultimately, air coolers, such as those on, have become the preference of many because of the various advantages they carry as compared to other forms of cooling systems. Below are the major advantages:

  • AFFORDABLE. Air coolers are relatively cheaper than other cooling systems. Moreover, they consume much less energy so this won’t reflect so much on your energy bill. This therefore makes them a cost-effective choice.
  • PORTABLE. If you reside in a place that don’t allow window/wall air conditioners or coolers, an ideal solution to this would be a portable air cooler as they don’t stick out from your window or wall. In fact, they don’t even need to be installed or mounted. All you have to do is to plug it in the space or room you would want to cool.
  • CONVENIENT. As air coolers are portable and come in different sizes, an air cooler is the best choice especially when you have travel trailers, pop-up campers or other recreational vehicles. Portable air coolers could be very useful in such types of vehicles to cool the air inside when it gets too hot.

These are only a few of the many advantages of air coolers, if you would want to know more, consider visiting

How Race Car Drives Survive The Heat Without AC in their Race Car

While air coolers are great for indoors and some type of vehicles, there are other ways to cool down. This is especially true for race car drivers who need to make themselves physically cool for them to avoid heat exhaustion on the race course. The measure temperatures in race cars could reach up to 130° especially on race events that take place prior and during the summer.

Drivers need to stay cool as race cars aren’t equipped with any air conditioning or cooling units as it adds to the weight of the car slowing down its racing performance. So how do they keep themselves cool? Below are some:

  • Race care drivers frequently have a ventilation system that is incorporated into their protective gears as well as in their hoses which blow air at their feet and on the seat.
  • Some race car helmets come with some kind of attachment so the driver could plug in the hose for the drive to get cool air.
  • Several drivers make use of foot shields that are resistant to heat and burns to prevent their shoes as well as their flesh from burning and melting in boiling-point conditions.

Watch the video below to find out more on how race car drivers survive the heat without AC units.

Why Fitness Is Important For Race Car Drivers

Athletes are generally believed to be fit and ardent on fitness with the aim of attaining triumphs in the extremely competitive sporting world. For athletes to attain a great level of fitness, regular exercise, the right nutrition, and taking products that support and promote health and fitness such as those found in ABodyCandle are consistently carried out.

Athletes give great significance to their fitness as well as on their fitness routines which they dutifully complete for certain hours in a day. They do this to ready their physique to manage and deal with strains and stresses as well as to equip themselves with the needed drive and stamina to get results.

For race car drivers, fitness may look pointless since drivers are just sitting down. However, car racing, such as NASCAR, is in fact exceptionally backbreaking and strenuous. Throughout a car race, drivers expend hours vigorously battling the G-forces in extreme heat whilst driving 200 mph without the usual air conditioning as they intensely focus on every single move, aware of the fact that a little error could break their cars and themselves.


Modern racing karts these days can make use of forces beyond 3 G’s. With merely 15 minutes on the race track, it’s not surprising for drivers to be drenched in perspiration. Drivers who are just starting out with karting will encounter struggles in keeping their head straight up after a number of circuits. Additionally, a powerful workout for the core muscles is necessary and needs full attention, since karting can both be physically and mentally strenuous.

Drivers make use of rib guards or protectors to prevent rib injury, however physical fitness is essential to withstand the g-force as well as keep focus at 100%. Several drivers do weightlifting, cycling, and traditional workouts for the core muscles.

The Neck

The most essential muscle of a driver is the neck. In the course of training, elastic bands are utilized to replicate the exigencies of high G-Force. Resistance workout, such as weight lifting and rowing, is also integrated in a driver’s exercise routine. However, drivers have to be cautious to not overdo workouts since Formula One cockpits are small and wont’ fit a driver with a weight lifter build.

Diet and Nutrition

Formula One racers have a diet similar to track and field athletes where they carefully control their intake of protein and carbohydrate. Leading up to a big race, they’ll have to consume enough carbohydrates for energy, with enough water intake before the race. Without sufficient fluid, dehydration via sweating is likely since the extreme heat within the cockpit of Formula One means drivers, throughout the race, could sweat off 3 kg of their body weight.


How to Get Physically Fit to Be a Racer

A lot of people are asking why does it a car racer has to be fit to race when all they do is sit down, step on the gas and pedal to the metal?

Let’s take a little wheel on this question, racing is a sport, and it goes faster, harder and stronger. It has a lot of rush in the adrenaline, and if you are not physically fit or healthy at least, then how are you supposed to keep with all those rush?

Well, if you wanted to be a racer the first rule would be to not step on that gas but to step up on your workout and diet. Burn fat, do heavy lifts, go for regular runs and keep an active lifestyle.

Just like they say, life in racing is life in the fast lane— but there’s definitely no shortcut to it. First, workout. Later, race.

Today, this blog post will talk a few tips on how you can be physically fit to be a racer. Here’s it!

How to Be Physically Fit in 3 Steps

Life in racing is not just about drifting, or how fast you can go in a speed limit— it is about discipline. That discipline starts on getting physically fit.

Here are 3 steps to make sure you are physically fit in your next race.


  1. Longer workouts. Doing longer workouts burn more calories. But it is not just that when you do long routines improves your body’s ability to use fat as fuel to push through.
  2. Do intense workout. Intense workouts like dead and heavy lifts, box jumping, and other more. Basically intense workouts are reported to be effective in burning calories and burning fat. If you are a race car driver, you just don’t need to loosen your weight to fit rightly into your car racing chair or the car itself, but to also prepare yourself to carry the intensity of the race.
  3. Frequency. How often you train and how often you workout can make a huge difference in your racing performance? Basically, a lot of racers do their training in driving, but in between driving goes a workout routine too. Having frequent workout often creates intensity in the heart preparing you for that extra pump in the race plus increases your metabolic activity too.


Ready for a Race?

That’s it! Remember, before you push on that wheel and start driving your speed, make sure you have a good fat burning exercise too.

Now, on a side note, to make sure you do well in burning fat, include alimenti brucia grassi in your supplement.