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The Right Car For You

If you are unhappy with your car, then you made a mistake at the stage of selection.

What parameters should be looked at first of all:

body size and shape;
engine power;
equipment and options;
new or used car;

Formulate the problem: what, with whom, where, when
To make the right choice from the many options, ask yourself what you intend to transport, where, with whom and when to travel.


If you plan on using the car for commuting alone or with one or two passengers, a compact sedan is a very good choice. The smaller the car, the easier it is to find a parking spot and maneuver in a crowd. Children, relatives, things, seedlings in the spring and the grown crop in the fall – that’s what you have to transport and if you’re going on a trip having klikk her for en klivsliper can help.

Engine power

It is enough to compare its value for cars that differ only in the engine – it will  turn out to be almost the same. In a city with its dense and slow traffic, the power of the motor does not matter. Another thing is an empty and high-speed suburban highway. Here the extra horsepower can still be useful for fast and dynamic driving. With regard to fuel consumption, it largely depends on the weight of the car, its technical condition, load and driving style.

Equipment and options

Comfort and extras always cost extra money. Weigh your financial capabilities and think if it will not be excessive for you to pay for power windows, heated mirrors, air conditioning and other not always necessary devices.

The choice of gearbox is subject to the same arguments. The automatic transmission is definitely more convenient. Especially in city traffic jams. If you have an extra amount of money to buy a car with such a box, great. If you don’t have enough money, a car with a manual transmission will drive just as well.

New or used

A two- to three-year-old low-mileage car costs 20-25% less than a new one of the same type. Another advantage of this option is that all possible factory defects have already appeared and eliminated by the first owner. You buy a run-in and proven car. If you want to take possession of a completely new thing and fully enjoy its wonderful smell, you will have to pay for this pleasure.

Another argument in favor of a new car is buying a car for a long time. If you plan to drive your car as long as possible, a new car is more suitable for this purpose than a used one.

Mileage-related costs

These costs are the more, the more often and longer you drive the car. This includes costs for gasoline and lubricants, periodic maintenance and replacement of parts subject to wear: brake pads and discs, tires, wipers, and so on.


A modern car is a very reliable and durable product. But, like any technique, it may require repair from time to time. The more expensive, more complicated and more prestigious a car is, the more you will have to pay for repairs.

Owning a domestic car gives additional opportunities to save money. If you have the necessary tools and skills, it is quite possible to take over many of the maintenance operations. In addition, domestic cars can be easily repaired. While very specific foreign equipment is repaired only in authorized and very expensive service centers.

Ferrari Book | Passion In Racing

what is Ferarri?
Unlike other carmakers, founder Enzo Ferrari was founded to run his own racing activities ( Scuderia Ferrari) and has participated in the F1 World Championship since 1950 from the first year to the present.

In addition, a variety of name car manufacture, the automobile of history into legend has built. This is also the race capital funds in order to obtain the race for the vehicle the load car which has been re-tuned for. But race success in the Ferrari brand image to improve, but there was expensive, the world in the Celebrity in love came to be for.

A recommended books for Ferarri fans

Introducing two new books in the car/motorcycle corner of Daikanyama Tsutaya Books, which handles a wide range of enthusiastic books on cars and motorcycles. If your looking for accessories for your cars ‘hiyahiya‘ can help you to find what you’re looking for.

Inside SCG003
There was a privateer who challenged with a completely original machine in the 24-hour race at the world’s toughest Nürburgring circuit. The owner’s slogan is “Let’s Rock N Roll!” The adventures from scratch are passionate, and obstacles can be overcome while having fun. This book is a collection of photographic materials that vividly spells out the development of the race machine SCG003 and the participation in the race by the team owner Jim Glickenhaus and the staff with a documentary touch. Having a relationship with NART founder Luigi Chinetti as a boy, the collection of prototype race cars, which he started longing for after his success as a movie director, led to the production of Ferrari one-off cars in a ridiculous way, and also challenged the race. Connect. The result was the lack of power of the chassis for public roads, and inevitably, we started to make a completely original machine. This 500-page book, which has been closely covered for a long time since the beginning of the adventure, is a remarkable masterpiece of a racebook that depicts people who are planning to participate in the hypercar series and produce road cars.

Emotion Ferrari Tome2 –GT Sport et Prototypes 1949-1972
10 years from the previous work, the second one with full satisfaction! From the 1940s to 2000, the second edition of the Ferrari edition of Maurice Ruche’s race car photobook series, which holds over 1 million motorsport photographs alone. In this book, we used endurance races and public roads throughout Europe from 1949, when Ferrari was just established, to 1972, when the world championships were wiped out, such as the 166MM, 250TR, 250GTO, 330P, Daytona and 512S / M. Includes a total of 510 small event photos. Most of the photographs were taken in black and white at that time, and the color photographs are only 35 pages, but the latter half of the photographs are summarized from 1959, and the explanations are only the competition name, shooting date and time, machine name and driver name. However, it has a simple structure that allows you to concentrate on your photos. The abundant first-appearing photographs by the author and copyright-controlled photographers will mark the golden age of gorgeous sports car racing and will be a great book to enjoy the racing atmosphere of the time. 1960 management to cost crisis, but fell in the same Italy of Fiat is the acquisition, Enzo race devoted to the activity, the city sales car division Fiat are organized under the automobile manufacturers became ish.

What’s in a Turbo Charger?

Are you fond of car racing? Did you ever ask the question why cars used in car racing are fast? In this article we will find out how to turbo a car and how it works. This article will serve as a guide on how to do it the right way even in the comforts of our home.

Many of those who are into motor sports will give you the same suggestion. Turbo charging your vehicle may be tricky but you can always follow these steps to do it right. But before you charge those turbos in your cars, let’s find out how a turbo charger works first. There are two major components of a turbo charger:

  1. Compressor Housing (Cold side)
  2. Turbine Housing (Hot side)

Exhausts gasses come from the back side of the turbo lead by the engine, the exhaust gasses then spin inside the turbine wheel. It then sends the shaft speed to the front and sacks the cold air from outside the car to the turbo compressing it using the air. This will eventually boost the air.

Turbos: How They Work | Science Garage

What’s inside a turbo charger:

Billet Compressor wheel or the GTX – This is a work of art. It also known as the most advanced compressor wheel in the market. This turbo can spin up to 280,000 rpn.

Oil. This is a very crucial part in the turbo. Because it has bearings, the turbo needs lubrication. Oil pressure is very vital to prevent pressure from building up.

Coolant. This keeps the center section cold. It prevents the oil from heating up inside the turbo.

How to regulate the pressure in turbos?

There are two important parts to regulate the turbo, the manifold and wastegate.

The part that regulates the heat or cools down the cooler is with the help of an intercooler. This cools down the turbo for more horsepower.

The device that creates the distinct loud sound in turbos is produced by the blowoff valve. It is also termed as dump valve or the compressor bypass valve. It is used to remove the load or pressure of the turbocharger when the throttle suddenly closes.

Make your car perform like a star by using these turbochargers. Speaking of stars do you want to know your celebrity look alike. Do this simple quiz to find out:




Illegal car racing: What are the consequences?

Motorists or motorcyclists who have been proven to have participated in an illegal race can no longer get away with a black eye: since 2017, illegal car races have been considered a criminal offense and no longer an administrative offense.

This has significant consequences – even if nobody is harmed. In addition, the consequences of an illegal car race for car insurance in the event of an accident are often not taken into account. However, if you are a responsible car racer and want to get followers, can be helpful.

What is the penalty for illegal car races/street races?

The law provides for severe penalties in the event of prohibited motor vehicle racing. Participants or organizers can be sentenced to imprisonment or they will pay a fine.

What other consequences does illegal car racing have?

Participants or organizers don’t just have to prepare for a criminal conviction. Additionally can:

  • the suspect’s driver’s license will be provisionally withdrawn before the trial
  • the driver’s license will be withdrawn
  • a ban on issuing a new driving license can be ordered.
  • in less severe cases, a driving ban for a period of one month to six months can be imposed
  • the vehicle that was used in the forbidden car race is confiscated.

Those who have had their driver’s license withdrawn must also fear that they will have to go to a “medical psychological examination” if an application is made for a driver’s license to be re-issued.

As a participant in an illegal car race, doubts about the character suitability to drive a motor vehicle are regularly cited.

What are the insurance consequences of illegal car racing?

If accidents are caused by grossly negligent behavior, comprehensive insurers do not regularly have to pay. By definition, there is gross negligence if the road traffic rules are violated in a particular way, the required care is largely neglected or not observed.

In an illegal car race, gross negligence can often be assumed. The perpetrator of an illegal car race will “remain seated” on his damage.

Other uninvolved injured parties, for example, vehicles with which they collided and who did not take part in the illegal race receive compensation payments from the motor vehicle liability insurance of the race participant.

However, since the insured person responsible behaved “contrary to insurance” by participating in the race, liability will regularly try to take recourse against him. This means that the race participant has to repay the damage incurred up to certain maximum limits.

Safety on the Race Track

In a race track, race marshals are assigned to be responsible for the safety of the drivers during a competition. Car racing is both fun and dangerous sport. They are scattered at key locations around the racing track. Their job is to warn the racers of scenes on the track ahead. They are also responsible to assists the racers in case there is a collision, crash or other problems that can happens. They make sure that all the safety requirements needed during the race like emergency equipment and trucks are all in the correct position. They should make sure that they are always alert and ready to respond in case of accidents. The event’s emergency services make up of trained medical professionals and fire fighters. Race marshals are those people you see in the race track that raises a flag. The purpose of this is to convey dependable information to the drivers. They are the once who gauge the track surface’s condition. Race marshals are also assigned to observe the behavior of every driver in the racetrack. They communicate all their observations to the people in charge of the event known as

Race Control.
The Race Control of every racing event should be fully equipped and staffed with functional gadgets to be able to monitor the race accurately. Equipment would include cameras, gadgets for communication, digital flagging scheme, accurate timers, huge storage for video files. They should be fully functional during the entire race.

Safety on the Race Track

To make a safe track safety a race truck should have the following:

Wide run off areas
What is a Run off area? This is a wide open area that are usually adjoining to the race track. They are also located at the entry and exit point of corners in the track. It will allow a truck to enter that helps a race car in cases of accidents and or collision regain control and go back to the race.

Energy absorbing barriers
These barriers act as a line of defense. When race cars crash absorbing barriers absorb the force and impact of an accident or collision. This will prevent drivers from experiencing any neuropathic pains in case of an accident or collision. To read more about neuropathic pain:

Speed traps that is filled with soft materials
They are generally installed at some strategic points in the track., They are usually placed at the end of a straight point or along a turn or corner. Its function is to make the car slow down when it has gone off the track. This prevents a strong impact. The trap will contain small gravel. All the above will guarantee safety for all the race drivers as well as the officials, staffs of the event and the spectators around the race track.

Owning A Luxury Car

Owning a luxury car is a privilege. Not all can afford to buy one. Despite the high value many still buy them. They buy them because they are a collector. Some buy them because they love its features such as having high speed. Some buy them because of their elegant and luxurious design. Some simply buy them because they have the money. Imagine people buying an 18 million `cars! That’s a lot of fortune. Many of these cars steal the heart of people. Owning one would mean a knock in your assets.

Ever wondered why they are expensive and called luxury cars?
They are popular for having high-tech and sophisticated technology. They have well-crafted design that will capture every people’s heart. The manufactures of these cars make sure that every car created is as perfect as its name.

Here are some features that only high end cars have:
1. Some high-end cars come with built in gadgets such as an Ipad, electronic displays and gadgets for information.
2. Some cars allows its owners to remotely control their car.
3. Most high-end cars have special luxurious trim making use of real wood and granite.
4. Luxury cars constantly smell good because the scent comes from a small refillable glass jar that is hidden in the car’s glovebox which is sprayed into the car’s cabin through the air vents.
5. Some luxury cars even have built in refrigerator.
6. When stepping inside you will be impressed with its classy built quality
7. Some luxury cars have turbo engines for faster speed.
8. When buying a luxury car, you can always talk to its manufactures if you want to customize a design. Incorporate your favorite colors or put your favorite zodiac sign as designs to highlight your car. To read more about Zodiac signs click: project spiritual

Some car manufacturers really go beyond the box. They transform them in a creation that becomes part of history since they are one of a kind. Car manufactures has clearly gone through a great change. The manufacturing business is truly reshaping the automotive landscape.

Car racing and motorsport: Tips for beginners

Winning the world championship in car racing or motorsport will always be a dream for most active people in motorsport. But if you approach the matter with realistic goals, a sporting spirit, and the necessary will, you can find motorsport at all levels and at all ages and celebrate your own successes. On the other hand, you might need help with accounting homework and also with buying a new race car.

Practice early: even the smallest ones step on the gas

If your daughter or son dreams of becoming a superb racing driver one day, it does not have to be impossible. Many motorsport clubs run youth kart teams that pave the earliest possible way into motorsport. In other disciplines, it starts later. But there are always two good tips: Either get in contact with a club near you that has active players, events, or even teams in the respective motorsport discipline. Or you can visit an event and talk to teams. Especially in popular sports, those interested in the paddock will always find good partners for “petrol talks”.

One thing is important especially with young people, the entry into motorsport should not only be accompanied by their parents but also by knowledgeable supervisors preferably by trained trainers.

Get in your own car

Do you have a sporty vehicle or a classic car that could be ideally suited for motorsport competition? Or have you always dreamed of preparing “your” vehicle and then moving it yourself in competition? No problem! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get into motorsport.

Is there a racing school?

You can usually achieve the license levels in motorsport without any course. Successful participation in a certain number of events of the lower license level and a medical certificate of fitness to race is usually sufficient to apply for the license. In addition, there is also the option of acquiring the license in a systematic course. Depending on the provider, you can complete it in your own car or in a vehicle provided. As a rule, racetracks are used, but in some cases, specially marked courses are also used.

Find your motorsport club

Even if motorsport is always about individual performance: the vast majority of drivers and co-drivers are members of one of the more motorsport clubs. In every club, newcomers are very welcome.

Car racing and the environment

Car racing or motorsport is not good to the environment even if you get the best motorcycle oils. This is why it has to be done with utmost preparation and care.

Benefits of car racing

In general: All activities have a purpose. Even racing cars that supposedly drive in circles for no reason. Even if it’s just for entertainment. Quite a few people even earn a lot of money with it. The same can be extended to a lot of other leisure activities and sports.

Environmental hazards that can arise from car racing

  • Noise pollution for humans and animals
  • Emissions from racing cars from engines
  • Emissions from racing vehicles through abrasion (tires, brakes)
  • Fuel consumption of racing vehicles
  • Emissions from infrastructure and logistics (vehicles for catering, spare parts, etc.)
  • Fuel consumption of logistics and infrastructure vehicles
  • Emissions from the arriving audience
  • Fuel consumption of the spectators’ vehicles
  • Expiring operating resources, for example through defect or accident
  • Construction of a racetrack
  • Operation of a racetrack

Local car racing can be emission-free

Locally, the racing cars are emission-free and they also do not produce any noise, which means that races can be carried out more easily in closed city centers. However, emissions are also generated here: through wear and tear on the tires and brakes. Incidentally, the latter is a producer of fine dust, which is suspected to be carcinogenic. However, the exposure is probably not higher in normal stop & go traffic. After all, there are many more vehicles on the road than a few racing cars.

Noise pollution caused by car racing

Nature cannot defend itself against noise. It cannot do that in cities either, it cannot do that with space centers, it cannot do that with airfields, concerts, etc. Human beings now displace nature from their environment. Human dominates his living space and changes it in his favor.

Car racing is not environmentally friendly, even if some people say otherwise. Even more, maximum consumption, hybrid systems, and electric motors do not make a “green” or “clean” racing series.

Car racing: Risks and punishments

Do you believe that nobody wants to lose their driver’s license? Aside from owning cars, people want to have their own houses so they want to know the polished concrete floor cost. However, one should know that there are some penalties or restrictions given if laws are not followed.

How the law acts against illegal street racing

For a long time, road races were only fined and banned from driving for a few weeks. But now the laws have tightened the penalties. If you take part in a car race, you must expect your driving license to be withdrawn for a long time. It is also possible that your car will be confiscated.

The sensitive penalties are intended to hit the speeders where it hurts the most. In addition, the illegal races are now viewed as a criminal offense and no longer a mere administrative offense. The reasons for this are the increasing number of deaths caused by such races.

The risk of car racing

Due to the high speeds, car races have an enormously high-risk potential.

In order to deter the speeders in their recklessness, fines are of little use. The increasing number of seriously injured and fatalities from road races is now to be combated by the change in the law. With the increased awareness, the opinion also changes that illegal street races are just a minor offense. With a fine and a few weeks or months of driving bans, you get no further. Even if such a race does not lead to an accident, severe penalties await those involved.

Car racing is dangerous even on remote roads

Illegal car races often take place in remote areas. When the streets are empty at night, the speed-addicted drivers think they have a clear road. The appointment is made online and within a few hours, a large crowd has gathered to cheer for the race.

The road safety experts see films like “Fast and Furious” as dangerous role models. And the speed games on the computer are also seen as the cause of the enthusiasm for car racing. The transition between the virtual game and real driving seems to be fluid.

More thoughts on improper driving behavior

A car is neither a bullet nor a weapon that should be used to threaten other people. That is why the young and thoughtless racing drivers must be aware of how dangerous it is to go too fast. Often it is uninvolved people who are injured in an accident and maybe even die.

Car racing games for children

The youngest riders particularly boys are at the very beginning of the development of computer toys and only develop skills to deal with them. To satisfy their longing for the unknown, there are online car games in which they can handle.

The first car racing games were primitive and simple. The same cars drove on one of the suggested routes, and the player watched the gap on a separate screen below. Today you can choose any car model to play and do the process online for free. Children also have fun with the characters from cartoon films and also get a portion of adrenaline.

How long can the boys play car racing games? The answer is – forever! This is understandable because the topic of cars is sacred to them. Unlike for adults where the fat freezing center in New Jersey is more important than playing games. They enjoy racing with particular enthusiasm and enthusiastically test the new models and competitive conditions.

Main types of car racing games

  1. Ring car racing – this is a closed race track. It is curved, it is full of curves and the driver circles it several times.
  2. Open world racing games.
  3. Rally – is when the driver passes the route from point to point.
  4. SUVs mainly take part in the trophies, but motorbikes and traps can also take part. The route is specially selected and difficult to pass: forest, hills, potholes, swamps.
  5. Autocross – is particularly popular. These are spectacular competitions in which drivers do not compete with each other for a while and with each other. Cars can touch each other, and obstacles on the track make for spectacular action.
  6. Drag Racing – is an acceleration of cars on a straight line of 402 meters.
  7. Carting – small car with a motorcycle seat and an engine attached to the frame.

Other car racing games:

Super Mario races, arcade racing games, tuning racing games and sw

Speed, like flying, has always attracted people. Car racing games are a fascinating attraction with no danger to life, but with almost the same feeling as driving a real car.

Buying used sports car: Considerations

There are many sports cars on the market that are only a few years old and have low mileage. With a little luck and good knowledge, you can get a top-quality sports car for little money on the used car market both offline and online.

Tips to consider when making your search

Pay attention to the appearance

The first appearance is often deceptive. Take a close look at whether the car has rust spots or irregular paintwork. The purchase of a paint density tester can pay off.

And if you got some problems with your garage regarding rats, bats or raccoon, Houston raccoon removal will be helpful.

Test drive

Take a test drive to see if the car drives smoothly. The bonnet should be cold before starting your journey, this is the only way to make sure that the car has not already been warmed up. Check whether the gear shift is easy. Also test the electronics, such as air conditioning, headlights, windscreen wipers, radio or heated seats. After driving, you should go around the car again to see if there is any leakage of engine oil, brake fluid or coolant. If possible, do the test drive without the dealer – this will enable you to take a closer look at the sports car on your own in a parking lot.

Don’t let the first impression fool you

The car shines, the mileage is low and no damage can be seen at first glance: a stroke of luck! But watch out, car salesmen play with passion, especially with sports car fans. Don’t let your emotions guide you and consider your purchase carefully. The following applies: don’t let it be immediately apparent that you like the car very well. The less enthusiasm you show, the sooner you can negotiate the price.

Consult experts

Even if you spend a lot of your free time with cars before things get serious, the sports car should be checked by an expert. Ask if the dealer agrees to have the car checked out by an independent inspector. If he refuses, this is the first indication of possible inconsistencies. Professionals from workshops, testing organizations or testing services from automobile clubs put the vehicle through its paces.

Examine papers meticulously

The vehicle documents contain a lot of information that can be important to you. Depending on how old the car is, it is usually not a good sign if many previous owners are already registered. Even if the seller cannot give a plausible reason why he sells the car again after a short time, this rather indicates that he is dissatisfied with the car.

Why You Should Play Car Racing Online 


Car racing is one of the most thrilling games every individual can experience. Thus, people only know the fact that car racing cannot be done online, but today various games of car racing online can be enjoyed by every individual.

People can try to play car racing online, because of the reason that it is more convenient and at the same time efficient as well. There are many car racing videos that people can get strategies from there to apply when playing on their own.

One of the social media apps that are used today is the TikTok, from there people can get informative tips about playing this game online and this is by the TikTok browser


Why An Individual Should Try To Play Car Racing Online 



  • It Is Convenient. 


There is a website today that is offering this kind of game, an individual may experience the same thrill just like in a normal game. An individual can have their own freedom while enjoying the car racing game, they can choose the mode of the game that they want. People who love to play can choose whether they want to play alone online or with multiple players.  


  • It is Easier and Free cost.


People are being engaged with so much social media platform it is because of free of any kind of cost. They can explore various games today, provided there is an internet connection and have their mobile devices. This will serve as their weapon if they want to play car racing online. 


  • They can choose when and where to play.


This is the best thing about playing online- people can choose to play when they like and where they like to perform. This is why a lot of people try to play various online games today. 




There are many people who love to play car racing because of the thrill and the challenge they can experience. Another thing is that they want it to experience it also online, the reason why the developer gives these various kind of car racing games for those people who want to play online. 


Pro Racer Tips for Pain-Free Long Distance Driving

The truth is that people were not made to sit in a chair for a long time while experiencing heavy and exciting moments.

It’s so unhealthy for us, that’s why some people end up having diseases and make our bodies weak, to feel often pain.

A famous female racing driver, motoring journalist and TV presenter shares some few tips on how to stay fit and be pain-free, having small percentage of damage to our body.

According to her, there are negative effects if you’re sitting/driving in hours such as:

  • lot of body stress
  •  pain and stiffness in neck, shoulders and back
  • eye strain which can lead to a headache and swelling in the lower legs

But then, in spite that she’s experiencing these pains, she has solution for these (you can also use kratom for treating pain). There are some simple exercises that she’s also applying to herself which include:

  • leg stretches
  • calf stretches
  • waist twists
  • back arches
  • ankle rolls
  • shoulder rolls
  • neck rolls
  • eye rolls

Furthermore, the exercises for ankle, leg and calf are very helpful for circulation and eliminate stiffness. They are very easy to do! In fact, you can even use your car in doing these exercises for support. Leaning on the door for the ankle rolls, foot stretches using the front bumper, or your calf by placing your toes on one of the tires.

Waist twists, shoulder and neck rolls, like what you were doing back in school during gym class, these are quite effortless to do. You might enjoy while doing them.

However, there are exercises which require your carefulness. She suggests to do back arches. To start, stand 2 to 3 feet away from your car, with your back leaned to it. Then, lift both arms above your head and bend backwards towards the car until you feel the stretch in both your back as well as your shoulders. You’re supposed to do this pose for eight seconds, after that, release your pose.

Endurance racing is quite more demanding than your average vacation road trip, but the stress on your back or limbs can be just as bad, especially since you’re not a fully-trained professional. A perfect way of overcoming driving pains is stretching, which, if left uncontrolled, might cause major injuries.